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all our boxes are made from 100% recycled or environmentally friendly cardboard
These boxes have a double wall layer for added protection of fragile & precious items

Tea Chest 431x406x596mm

$5.00 ea ($4.50 ea for 10 or more)
Ideal for light to medium items

Book/Wine Carton 406x298x431mm

$4.00 ea ($3.50 ea for 10 or more)
Smaller carton suitable for medium to heavy items

Wine/Audio Carton 490x325x165mm

$5.00 ea ($4.50 ea for 10 or more) includes 2 inserts


We have a range of wrappings including zip bags & bubble wrap by the metre, Butcher's Paper, Mattress covers & Lounge covers. Prices available on request

Port-a-robe 595x479x1106mm

$20.00 ea
For clothes & large items. Includes hanging rail

Picture/Mirror 1040x75x775 mm

$6.00 ea ($5.50 ea for 10 or more)
Discount avail for bulk purchases

Packing Tape

$4.50 ea Packing tape for sealing boxes

Archive Box 390x306x260mm

$4.50 ea
This sturdy, smaller carton is perfect for office documents or precious items

Risk Free Box Buying – Use or Return It is very difficult to judge the quantity of cartons you will need, so we offer this great service. Buy as many boxes as you like and return any unused boxes for a full refund.


$15.00 ea
Solid Brass Marine grade padlock, you keep the keys!

Crystal Carton 403x301x330mm

$4.00 ea ($3.50 ea for 10 or more)
Ideal for your fragile or precious items

Carton Sealers

Picture may not be exactly what we have in stock
$20.00 ea
Tape $4.50